We Build People, Societies & Nations
Nation Builders International is a 21st-century visionary and multidimensional resource organization aimed at developing leaders globally, inspiring human, national and global transformation and advancement through the instrument of knowledge dissemination, exchanges, networking, partnership and the implementation of Nation Builders International holistic vision. Since its inception, Nation Builders International has trained several individuals, serving humanity in various capacities in Africa, Europe, the USA, and Asia. NBI PROPOSED EMBASSY

In Nation Builders International, we believe that ignorance is the gravest obstruction to human, national and global transformation and advancement and the development of human potential. The above understanding has given us the unwavering resolve in our pursuit to eradicate ignorance and to develop human potential for maximum productivity and impact. Ignorance is not a lack of information but of timely and relevant knowledge.

Timely and relevant knowledge is knowledge equal to the needs of a particular era and the challenges of the future. No individual, society or nation can rise above their level of knowledge. You can become a member of Nation Builders International anywhere in the world. SIGN UP!
In Nation Builders International, we have several departments to enable us to realize our multidimensional vision, and a commissioner heads each department. The departments include:

  • Department of Justice
  • Department of Works
  • Department of Creativity & Innovations
  • Department of Employment
  • Department of Hospitality
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Finance
  • Department of Scientific Research 
  • Department of Security

Dr Benard Etta & Luminary Helen Etta

NBI Visionaries 

John F. Kennedy - Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You"

National anthem of the United States of America


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Dr Benard Etta, CEO of NBI, H.E David Phiri, Deputy Minister of Finance Zambia, Jerry Blenman, from Barbados, with a team of NBI personnel during the Vision 2010 Global Leadership Conference on the 21st Century organised by Nation Builders International in Yaounde, Cameroon.

Cross Section of Participants

Vision 2010, Global Leadership Conference On the 21st Century, Organised by NBI. 

Lakeisha McKnight( USA) Addressing Women during the Vision 2010 GLC 

Jerry Blenman( Barbados) Peter Esoka ( Legendary Cameroonian Journalist and Current National Communication Council President) Event Moderator. Vision 2010.


You can make a difference by your donation of any amount.

Some International Dignitaries @ Vision 2010 GLC organised By NBI
Left-Right) Favor Laura,NBI Personnel, David Bernard-Stevens, Senator from Nebraska, State USA, and a team from USA

Raj Ganesan (California USA), Senator David Bernard-Stevens (Nebraska USA), Prof Pachanathan (India), Giselle Rufer (Creator of Delance Swiss Watches for Women), with Personnel of NBI in Yaounde, During the Vision 2010 GLC
(Left-Right) Jerry Blenman (Barbados), Emmanuel Ehimika( Nigeria) H.E David Phiri (Zambia Deputy Minister of Finance) Mrs Helen Etta & Dr.Benard Etta (Host, Cameroon) Dr.Paul Mbuagbor (Yaounde, Cameroon) NBI Vision 2010 Guests in Yaounde, Cameroon.
Cross section of speakers during conference workshop. (Left-Right) Prof Panchanthan (India), Raj Ganesan (California, USA) Lakeisha McKnight (USA) Danita Turner-Williams(USA) Dr.Paul Mbuagbor(Yaounde, Cameroon) Luminary Cecilia Agbor (Cameroon).

International Guests and Personnel of Nation Builders International Senator David Bernard-Stevens, Nebraska USA

Welcome to Nation Builders International Social Network. To contact NBI, contact us via any of the following addresses. Nation Builders International Po Box 6146 Yaounde, Cameroon. Deshong Dr Lithonia, Georgia 30058 Tel: +1) (240) 356-3010 Email: