No institution, organization or nation reaches its full potential when the women are sidelined and given a 2nd class place. Institutions, organizations, and  nations, which have experienced unprecedented positive transformation in recent times are those that promote full women emancipation and integration. Nation Builders International Department of women affairs is dedicated to the total empowerment of women. The department organizes learning and training programs for the empowerment of women. Women are the greatest pool of human resource in every institution, organization, and nation, though, in some countries, this pool of human resource is given little or no attention. It's unfortunate that in the 21st century when humanity has so much advanced in understanding, one could still hear of nations where women are yet to see the light of day in their development and opportunities to live up to their full potential. The above situation is what has inspired the NBI Department for women's affairs to launch out with radio programs; seminars, and conferences to inspire women to take their place of leadership in the 21st century.

Leadership Guru, Lakeisha McKnight (USA) inspiring women in Yaounde, Cameroon, during the Vision 2010, Global Leadership Conference on the 21st Century Organised by Nation Builders International

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Wingwa Comfort                                       

NBI Commissioner of women Affairs