Nation Builders International Department of health has a 21st-century health vision, which is about health for the total man, body, soul, and spirit. The implementation of this vision will be carried out through the vehicle of a health project.


The 21st-century health project is a revolutionary health concept intended to actualize the 21st-century health plan as spelled out in Dr.Benard Etta's book (Health for the total man, Body, soul, and spirit). It is an improvement of all that has existed as health endeavors. Its areas of establishment worldwide will be called “City of Refuge.” The name “City of Refuge” will be indebted to its role in providing hope for the hopeless. Its establishment will be like mini-settlements, with facilities for patients, students, and personnel. It will have a medical department and three health institutes to help it actualize its objectives of health for the total man (body, soul, and spirit).


The Medical Department of the 21st-Century Health Project will cater for the health needs of the sick and the diseased through the use of drugs, modern health technologies, and organic medicine. The medical department will be structured as a research hospital, serving both as a medical and research center.

Since the quality of personnel in any establishment determines the quality of service offered by the establishment, the staff of the medical center will be well trained in relations to the demands of the 21st-century health plan. They have to develop an integrated and comprehensive medical capacity to serve as experts on health issues and not just ordinary doctors or nurses. They will have a wider range of experience, to equally function as health counselors, psychologists, and consultants to the sick and the diseased.

The medical department will have rooms and not wards. Hospital wards were a concept of the past, which has increasingly contributed to the infection of individuals from other sick people. The hospital will have private rooms arranged in rolls to minimize the chances of someone contaminating the other.

Each room will be convenient enough to accommodate an individual. Each room will have a speaker attached to the ceiling of the room; that enables the patient to enjoy quality music and encouraging messages. Music will not be loud but soft enough to lure the patients out of the consciousness of their sicknesses. Health personnel trained for the above will coordinate the musical desk.

The hospital will also have an auditorium for weekend entertainment. Every weekend, musicians, dramatists, comedians will be invited by the hospital authorities to inspire, motivate and encourage patients. With the above measures, the 21st-century health project medical department will produce efficient results and facilitate the quick recovery of patients.

NB. The medical department of the 21st-century health plan is just a dimension of the project. On the same land, there will equally exist the following.
i) A well-constructed health institution for the body

ii) A well-constructed health institution for the soul

iii) A well-constructed health institution for the spirit.

The above will then make the 21st-century health project fully integrated, massive, extensive and comprehensive in its approach in guaranteeing health for all.

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