Nation Builders International Department for Youth Affairs has the vision to inspire young men and women to make a positive meaning out of their youthfulness. Youthfulness shouldn't be wastefulness, but resourcefulness and relevance. And the above demands that youths become self-discipline and responsible. With the above vision in mind, NBI Department for Youth Affairs carries out outreaches in schools, radio programs, and online youth ministry on diverse topics of strategic importance for the sound and balanced development of youths. NBI Department for Youth Affairs has within it, young men and women with hearts that bleeds to bless the world with the gifts and talents the Almighty has given them. NBI Department of Youth Affairs believes in the reformation and transformation of deformed youths through the impartation of the knowledge of the truth. NBI Department of youths affairs equally believes in the regeneration of degenerated generations, and so, it focuses on quality transformation impact program for teenagers via all available platforms.

 Like arrows in the hands of a mighty man, so are youths in a nation's life. Youth forms the dynamic population of a country. It is unfortunate that, in most countries, this world of potential remains unexploited as most teenagers spend their time in drunkenness, gambling, prostitution, drug addiction and riotous living.

When youth transformation and empowerment are given the necessary attention, it can provide a nation with the best experts needed in all areas of strategic importance. When this isn't the pursuit of a nation, it risks a future of high criminality, with prison houses filling up with the nation's youths, who could have been Nation Builders.
In most communities today, youths constitute a nuisance and a threat to development. Violence and crimes of all sorts propagated by some youths in some societies have turned most inner cities into havens of constant harassment and murder.
Thus, in the quest for national transformation and development, youth development must be a priority. When this isn't achieved, whatever is established in a society or nation can be destroyed in just a day by untamed young people. Youth empowerment can be attained through equality education and training. NBI Youth Department has the vision to establish several youth centers for the transformation and empowerment of the youth.

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