Nation Builders International is a 21st-century  visionary and multidimensional organization aimed at inspiring human, national and global transformation and advancement by disseminating the knowledge of the truth in all domains. Our vision is multifaceted, holistic, inclusive, extensive, massive and fully integrated, covering virtually every area of strategic importance. To achieve this aim, Nation Builders International carries out intensive and extensive research to uncover the knowledge via which individuals, societies, and nations can find the change they are yearning for and desperate need. We partner with people and organizations that share our vision and work towards similar objectives. We organize conferences, summits, exchange programs, and run institutions, etc., to share our knowledge with others to eradicate ignorance and inspire human, national and global transformation and advancement. In November 2010, Nation Builders International launched a 100 years global leadership conference program with guests worldwide in Yaounde, Cameroon. 

Since its inception, Nation Builders International has trained several individuals, serving humanity in various capacities in Africa, Europe, the USA, and Asia.

In Nation Builders International, we believe that the greatest obstruction to human, national and global transformation and advancement is ignorance and the underdevelopment of human potential. This understanding has given us unwavering resolve in our pursuit to eradicate ignorance and to develop human potential for maximum productivity and impact. Ignorance is not a lack of information but of timely and relevant knowledge.

Timely and relevant knowledge is knowledge equal to the needs of an era and the challenges of the future. No individual, society or nation can rise above their level of knowledge. You can become a member of Nation Builders International anywhere in the world by simply signing up.

We have several departments to accomplish our inclusive, extensive, and multidimensional vision and mission. A commissioner heads every ministerial department of our organization. The departments include: 

Department of Education

-Department of Communication

-Department of Health

-Department of Security

-Department of International Relations

-Department of Sports

-Department of Cultural Affairs

-Department of Social Affairs

-Department of Women Affairs

-Department of Youth Affairs

-Department of Justice

-Department of Works

-Department of Creativity & Innovations

-Department of Employment

-Department of Tourism & Hospitality

-Department of Agriculture

-Department of Finance

-Department of Scientific Research

-Department of Security

Motto: Building People, Societies & Nations.

To contact NBI, send correspondence to any of the following addresses.

Nation Builders International Po Box 6146 Yaounde, Cameroon. Email: USA: Nation Builders International 11122 Oak Leaf Dr Silver Spring, MD 20901 Tel: +1) (240) 356-3010

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Building People, Societies & Nations.