Communication is the live wire of existence. From the simplest form of life to the most complex involving humans. Without communication, chaos must abound. Since civilization is constantly on the move, patterns and modes of communication change to facilitate harmony and balance in societies. Therefore, as an organization that understands the importance of communication, Nation Builders International (NBI), through its Department of Communication has engaged in varied modes of communication to contribute its quota in the transformation and advancement of people societies and nations via the vision given to us. That is why; Nation Builders International is engaged in all facets of communication, which includes, Broadcasting, the publications of books,  magazines, and News Papers. We are equally on several social media platforms ( Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitters), etc., The department of communication uses as its editorial policy, “Quality knowledge for all.” This can be seen in all our communication outreaches and written materials. If you have been a keen listener to radio and television programs worldwide, and an avid reader of newspapers, you will agree that there is so much propagation of malice, immorality, strife, etc. via most of the media outlets. The above negative vices as portrayed by the press shows a steep decline in human civilization. That is why; Nation Builders International department of communication is leaving no stone unturned by spreading the message of the truth for the inspiration, motivation, preparation, activation, challenge, and transformation of those we come into contact globally. NBI Department of communication is into the following:









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Nation Builder is an informative and educative paper of Nation Builders International published to educated Cameroonians and Africans, who are searching for a unique perspective on the issues of strategic importance facing humanity. Nation Builder was first published in 2007 and is an important platform for all those who wish to impact lives positively.