Nation Builders International defines “Research” as a search or renewed search beyond preconceived boundaries inspired by the quest for new breakthroughs. Research is not limited to science and technology, it is the vehicle via which humanity makes new inroads and achieve outstanding progress in all areas of strategic importance. Research is impossible in the absence of an inquisitive attitude. Someone must ask the right questions to derive new insights.

 -What?                                                       --Who?                                                         -How?                                                       -Where?                                                    -When?                                                         -Which?

 Researchers throughout history and in co-temporal times were moved by their Inquisitiveness into profound and prolific research leading to the expansion of new horizons in diverse areas. Inquisitive individuals are always dissatisfied with the status quo. Pre-accepted conclusions are unheeded by curious minds. That is what makes research (A renewed search) possible. Nation Builders International Department of Research aims at inspiring progressive research in all areas of strategic importance. We do this by organizing research workshops, Seminars, symposiums, conferences and by working with all institutions of learning to spur the young generation to see research as a principle of human development.

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