Nation Builders International Department of Economy and Finance is responsible for the management of the economic, and financial empowerment vision of Nation Builders International. The department is in charge of all financial transactions of NBI and the keeping of its financial records. It also has the vision of establishing Nation Builders International Bank and Nation Builders International groups of industries.

Nation Builders International Global Bank will operate as a financial institution for both the internal financial transaction of Nation Builders International and a mega financial center to empower people of vision, and talents. Its vision is to provide seeds to sowers. It will run monthly financial empowerment seminars for both personnel and customers. These workshops will provide insight on financial management and investment. Each client will be entitled to a financial counselor for information and counsel. Nation Builders International Global Bank will finance projects aimed at impacting lives.

Nation Builders International Groups of Industries

Nation Builders International groups of industries will be primary industries geared towards the transformation of local raw produces to marketable products both for home consumption and export to other countries. It aims at providing employment to thousands of Cameroonians and Africans.

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In His Own Words!

Dr. Benard Etta, CEO

I have felt the pain of having a vision and sometimes struggling to raise funds for it. I have also experienced what it means to be talented and yet financially broke, and I look forward to converting my pain into a Bank to empower men and women of vision and talent. Nation Builders International Global Bank, Vision 2020! The world needs a bank, which can be there for men and women of vision and talent without manipulating them. Nation Builders International Global Bank is coming as an answer to visionaries and people of talents. Most of the world's wealth is in the wrong hands for the control and manipulation of individuals, groups, communities, societies and nations, but this has to stop. Until this economic monopoly and manipulation change, the world's poor and middle-class visionaries and talented individuals may remain in continuous financial misery. NBIGB is poised to reverse this economic quagmire and to lead a new era of compassionate banking to empower men and women of vision, passion, and ideas. Our slogan is Converting pain into the passion for empowering others!