Nation Builders International Department of International & Public Relations is the diplomatic arm of Nation Builders International. It manages all affairs related to the international and Public relations of Nation Builders International with the public & other organizations, and nations. The department equally oversees all International programs and conferences of Nation Builders International and manages the affairs of all Nation Builders Embassies worldwide.

Dr.Benard Etta (CEO NBI) Jerry Blemann,(Barbados) Hon David Phiri (Deputy Minister of Finance Zambia) In Yaounde, Cameroon on the Occasion of NBI Global Leadership Conference on the 21st century. 

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Cleautrice Smith (USA)                                 NBI Honorary Commissioner of International Relations.

Sabina Bissem Etta.                                   NBI Commissioner of International & Public Relations

Ndi Nelson                                             NBI Director of Public Relations Cameroon