Nation Builders International Department for social affairs is responsible for issues regarding the family and is in charge of NBI outreaches to the less privileged in the society. It has set up an intensive and extensive program for children and equally reaches out to orphanages, single mothers, prisoners and the homeless. The visit to the Bongatati Widows Association Kumbo in the North West Region of Cameroon was one of such moves.

The Bongatati Widows Association is a body with 150 Widows. When they needed computers to manage their office work; the Social Affairs Department of Nation Builders International under the Leadership of commissioner Ngwa Martha, saw it as an opportunity to contribute once more their quota to the development of active Cameroonians who have refused to settle in their situations but to advance and get responsible. By the grace of God and the support of the CEO of Nation Builders International, an outreach mission trip to Kumbo was carried out and a brand new computer set was donated to the Bongatati Widows Association Kumbo for their office duties.

Below is the extract of the welcome speech presented by the Coordinator of the Bongatai Widows Group Maamo-Tabah Kumbo, Mrs. Keman Irene on the occasion of the visit to the delegate of Nation Builders International Mr. Moifo K. Hervey to kumbo.

Mrs. Keman Irene                        

Coordinator of the Bongatai Widows Group Maamo-Tabah Kumbo

Our distinguished guest and representative of the Nation Builders International, administrative and traditional rulers, guests, ladies, and gentlemen, you are heartily welcome this day the 4th of September 2014 on the occasion of NBI visit to Kumbo. Many of you at this period of the year have put aside other important activities to come and be a part of this ceremony. This is a clear indication of the value you have for us, your sisters and mothers. We are grateful and say thank you.

To Nation Builders International, you've integrated this group with this gift of a computer, which now means that this group is advancing and going ahead. We also want to tell you that the Kumbo Council has also assisted us so much. The Lord Mayor (a recipient of the 2014 Nation Builders International Achievers Award for Nation Building) has given us a structure where all of us are sitting now with this gift. He is our 1st partner. The Council also helped some of our orphans to pay their fees.
Nation Builders International, supporting us with a computer set marks a new start for our group and will forever remain fresh in our memories. We have some branches of Widow groups, which are under Bongatati Widows Group. We use this opportunity to plead with you that when you go back, do not forget us. The making of Home essential commodities like Powder soap and Savon you sent your delegates to teach us last time are still helping us face our lives. We have employed staff who will be working on our programs. We have the physically challenged and orphans, and we cooperate with them as well. Your continuous advice and prayers make us complete.
Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of our Lord Mayor of Kumbo Council and the entire community once more, we say thank you. No one else but the Almighty God ensures happenings like this. He will reward you abundantly.
Long live Bongatati Widows Group
Long live Nation Builders International
Long live Kumbo Council
Long live the Republic of Cameroon
Signed by the president Bongatati Widows Group.

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MARTHA NGWA                                    

NBI Commissioner of Social Affairs

(Right to Left) Ngwa Martha (NBI Commissioner) Namma Angela and baby Joy Tisdkenu Mbisheh.

Namma Angela, an orphan whose mother passed away after giving birth to her, becomes a teenage mother to joy Tsidkenu Mbihseh through rape by armed robbers. She gave birth through operation otherwise called CS on the 8th September 2014 in PMI Nkwen Bamenda III and came under the care of the NBI Department of Social Affairs headed by Commissioner Martha Ngwa.